I decided to give you one more blog post before I leave. I mean, I might as well.

The beginning of last week wasn’t much fun. I basically just worked on my Eagle Ray research report and a group presentation. It took a long time analyzing and writing, but I already got it back and got a really good grade, which I’m happy about. I’m glad it’s over with because now I’m officially on summer vacation.

Wednesday night was a night dive and the fabulous dive group Z was reunited at last. My dive buddy and I joked around and said that we would see two squid on our dive that no one else would see and it actually happened. It was actually pretty funny. It was the best night dive I’ve gone on so far.

Saturday morning was my last dive with group Z. I hadn’t gone to the Grotto to dive previously and we almost didn’t get to go because every other dive group went there that day, but luckily there was a birthday boy in group Z, so he pulled that card and our DM couldn’t say no. I’m glad we went because not only was the site awesome, but I also saw four sharks, two eagle rays and two sea turtles. It was so much fun!

Monday morning I went on my final dive (#27). The water was pretty choppy, which made the boat ride there and back pretty interesting to say the least. I didn’t see any sharks, but I did see a sea turtle and a huge green moray eel. I’m really going to miss diving here. Coral reefs are phenomenal and it’s so incredible to see all of the marine life that is attracted to the reef. It’s hard to even describe it. 

Monday night was our second and final beach camping trip. We went to Long Beach for the night. The weather had been funky so it was extremely windy and sand blew on my face all night. It was still pretty fun though :)

I’ve been trying to work on writing notes to everyone here as something to remember me by. Everyone has their own brown paper bag with their name on it for people to put letters into. It’s really cute and kind of reminds me of Cheesy Thursdays at Sky Lake. I’m just really bad when it comes to expressing myself so they aren’t turning out as thoughtful as I want them to be, but I only have four more to write.

Yesterday we did a huge site cleanup and started packing. The place feels a little empty now. I am basically all packed now except for my carry ons. This afternoon we had a massive party in the swim zone to lighten the mood a bit, which seemed to do the trick. Later we went to Long Cay for a few hours to do some more swimming/laying around on the beach/ last minute exploring.

Tonight after dinner will be a banquet and award ceremony with a final slideshow with all of our pictures. I’m such a sap, so I’m probably going to cry. I’ve made some really great friends on this trip and saying goodbye to everyone is going to be pretty challenging tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it :’(

That about wraps things up. I hope these blogs have been entertaining for the few of you who actually read this and stay tuned for my next abroad adventure! :)